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Just Williams Luck (Just William, #26) Richmal Crompton

Just Williams Luck (Just William, #26)

Richmal Crompton

Published June 1st 1989
ISBN : 9780333510971
256 pages
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 About the Book 

In this full-length Just William novel, William and the Outlaws decide to form the Knights of the Square Table, rightin wrongs for a minor fee (Small wrongs: sixpence. Big wrongs: one shillin). In their quest to earn enough money to become tramps, they stop at no amount of do-gooding, embarking on a plan to marry off their older brothers. William becomes a veritable Don Juan as he woos a visiting film star for his brother (much to the surprise and annoyance of his brothers girlfriend). Soon the gang have planned a midnight haunting to scare off old monkey face from the big house on the hill - after all, where else will they find a home for the happy young couple? Martin Jarvis portrays the whole gang in this riotous comedy that leaves William teetering on the brink of disaster and success...Martin Jarvis recording of Richmal Cromptons Just William stories are works of genius - Independent.